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Humanitarian Crisis

To Help Those In Need

Humanitarian Crisis

Humanitarian Aid During Crisis

Our team believes in stepping up when “the least of these” are in trouble.

Aiding during the Afghanistan crisis offered us the opportunity to help families escape and rebuild their lives.

The war in Ukraine — what started as a mission to evacuate 19 medically challenged orphans has now unexpectedly grown into a much larger humanitarian effort as God continues to open doors inside Ukraine.


The Intersection

How do serving Veterans, fighting against human sex trafficking, and aiding during international humanitarian crises intersect? We have been incredibly fortunate to have many warriors come to the ranch who have spent their careers working with our country’s most elite units. These professionals have spent years, even decades in the darkest places of the world. Now many of them are able to use those skills and their networks to help support our efforts. So, what started out as hosting combat vets out to our Kansas ranch in an effort to simply serve them, has not only turned into life long friendships but also a vast network that were born to serve and who embody the words of Psalms 82 “Defend the weak and the fatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and oppressed.”