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Humanitarian Crisis in Ukraine

children in afghanistan

Please see the work E3 has done and our continuing efforts to fight the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. 


Our Work to fight the Humanitarian Crisis in Ukraine

Our mission is simply to serve wherever the need is most great. We are on the ground in Ukraine with no other agenda other than to serve and support. E3 Ranch Foundation is designed to be a gap filler of humanitarian aid and a connector of larger NGOs in our network to support the areas of most need.

Our mission is 100% humanitarian and we have stepped in the last few months to help in the following ways. We have collaborated with serval relief efforts to establish a safe corridor for humanitarian passage. We are currently leveraging existing church networks with whom we have established rapport to create and test these networks of passage. Additionally, we have concentrated efforts on maintaining a logistics corridor of supplies to the regions that require assistance. 

Additionally, we have supported medical training for roughly 400 Ukrainians. Currently, E3 Ranch Foundation is coordinating with the various NGOs and the Leadership of Ukraine to provide medical training, medical supplies, food, hygiene items, clothing, and shower and laundry services to the troops most in need. We want to bridge the gap and assist Ukrainian assets to alleviate some of these humanitarian concerns.

For more details about the crisis response in Ukraine please email foundation@e3gives.org 

"Since 2017, my wife Jennifer and I have been blessed to use E3 Ranch & Co. to help fund the E3 Ranch Foundation in a grassroots effort to help those with the greatest needs. I want to thank you for considering the E3 Ranch Foundation."

- Adam LaRoche, Founder of The E3 Foundation

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