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Settling in Fort Scott, Kansas

E3 Ranch Foundation friend and partner Lee Gibson (Relentless Pursuit Outreach and Recovery) has been closely involved with the Afghanistan effort as well, and together he, Adam and Jennifer have seen to it that one particular family (three brothers with their families) of 19 did in fact make it out and into the U.S. Instrumental to getting them on the flight and to the States, Lee and the LaRoches now have resettled them in Fort Scott, Kansas. From houses to beds and basic human living needs, Adam, Jenn, Lee and his family, and the community of Fort Scott have stepped up in huge ways to embrace these families. As Patty LaRoche wrote, Jenn has especially been “a soldier and a saint” for the mission. To hear Adam tell it, Jenn runs a bus route every morning, picking children up and dropping them at grade school, middle school, and one to high school, and sees to it that they’re made to feel more welcomed here than they would be anywhere else.

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